Watching out for Criminal Elements

While I was out at a restaurant with my wife for dinner, I got a ADT Bakersfield, telling me that my alarm system had been triggered and asked if I was fine. My wife and I rushed home and when we arrived, the police were outside. They told us that someone broke a window in an attempt to enter the home. Fortunately, they ran off without taking anything. It was a miracle that they didn’t, and that my wife and I weren’t home at the time. Even though I had a security system installed, I always thought that our neighborhood was fairly safe.

Some people in my neighborhood have floated around the idea of moving away, but I didn’t want that to happen. Instead, I brought up the idea of having a neighborhood watch. That coupled with our alarm systems would keep any shifty characters out of our neighborhood. I volunteered to take watch for a few hours each day after work, and so did some of the other neighbors. With everyone keeping an eye out for each other, we should be able to stop any random criminal element with an intent of committing a crime.

Two weeks after the criminal broke my window, someone attempted to do the same to a home a few houses down on the same street. I saw someone suspicious walking down the street, as did someone else on the opposite side of the street. We called the police and they came through the street. Once they did, the suspicious person started to run, but he couldn’t escape the police. They caught him and took him in for questioning. This person admitted to being the same person who broke my window, and also to breaking into some homes on different streets. That’s one more criminal off the streets.