I Guess That I Am Managing a Club Now

Of course I was surprised to hear from my old boss. The man is absolutely loaded, he got so much money that I doubt he knows where all of it is. When I worked for him I was barely out of college. At any rate he hardly knew me then and I guess that people we both know just recommended me for this thing. I am not sure it is exactly a job for him. It is more of a scheme to have sex with lots of hot young girls like the brunette escort that picked me up at the airport. I would have thought that she was a swimsuit model or a beauty queen to look at her and I had a very hard time looking at her without staring. She was wearing a shirt when she picked me up, but by the time she got behind the wheel of that Escalade she only had on a pair of denim shorts and a bikini top. There was not a lot to the top and it had a whole lot to keep contained.

This girls smiled wickedly and asked me if I liked them. I tried to pretend I did not know what she was talking about. She told me that she was almost 26 years old and that the boobs had made her a small fortune already. She was a feature dancer all over Las Vegas and she would do more than take her clothes off if the price was right. I was pretty sure that I could not afford to ask for a quote, but she told me that she needed help and that Jack had told her that I was her man. I soon realized that she was going to open her own club, a really big one. I figured the operation would work after I reviewed the plans, but she did indeed need someone like me. Jack told me that he was going to take his end in trade, and that he was retired so he could not be bothered with the job.