Remodeling Turns into a Total Disaster!

Sometimes a home improvement task starts off really well, then the next think you know you are searching the web for a 24 hr emergency plumber in NJ! That is exactly what happened to me when me and my husband thought it would be a great idea to do a home install of a new bathtub. What a time we had with that!

Back in the day, when we moved into our home we had a 1970’s bathtub. We never replaced it, mainly because we never used that bathroom for anything other than a guest bathroom and no one seemed to mind. It wasn’t until our teenage daughter wanted to move into the guest room that we considered redoing that bathroom. We thought it would be simple enough, every video we had watched on the topic made it seem so easy to replace the tub! The day we started, we realized quickly how over our heads we were with this.

Nothing went wrong until after we got the tub out from the room. We noticed the flooring was worn and had to be replaced. It was a good thing we saw that, so we replaced the flooring. My husband was admiring a job well done when he used one of the sturdy pipes as brace for himself when he got out of the floor. What a bad idea! The nozzle of the shower came off, not a big deal that could be easy to fix but we noticed that there was a small leak dripping onto the floor. We followed that back as far as we could and ended up finding the pipe had split. It was large enough that my husband wanted a pro to fix it. The emergency came from when we tried the sink to see if that make the leak worse and water just gushed out! We immediately called emergency plumbers to come and help. We were way over our heads at that point!

Thankfully, they came and patched things up and even helped up put in the new tub and made sure the pipes all lined up with the faucets on that. Another thing we overlooked and didn’t think about. They were so helpful and overall a blessing to us!